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  • Kaneohe Bakery was started on a "wing and a prayer" as James Mizota was not a baker by profession or training.  A year prior to opening the bakery, James was a vendor who drove a delivery truck that sold baked products in the Puohala Subdivision. Many of his customers recommended that he open a bakery as Kaneohe had no bakery. Each morning, James would drive to Swan Bakery in Kapahulu and purchase freshly baked products that he sold from his delivery truck. He saw the new building being built in Kaneohe Town and obtained one of the six sub-leases. James rented a house in back of the bakery and moved his family from Kalihi. At the age of 35 years, James started Kaneohe Bakery based on the recommendations of the people in the community. He Had the entrepreneur spirit of the first and second generation found in many Japanese Americans.

  • James continued to drive to Swan Bakery each morning and purchased freshly baked products that he sold at Kaneohe Bakery. He learned how to bake on-the-job through trial and error and started purchasing baking equipment. When he needed to consult an experienced baker, he consulted with Jimmy Uehara at Swan Bakery in Kapahulu. Jimmy became a good friend and mentor over the years. James expanded the bakery and took over more space in the building. Eventually, he took the master lease to the building and Kaneohe Bakery become the sole tenant of the building.
James and his brother Tsugio and sisters Mitsuko Lee, Sueko Gidden, and June Chang worked in the bakery and helped with the family business. After years of working at the bakery and learning the trade, Tsugio became the Head Baker. His wife Ellen (Nishimura) became a talented cake decorator.

After graduating from Castle High School, Glenn and his new wife, Darlene (Takahashi), moved to Minneapolis, MN where Glenn attended the Dunwoody Industrial School. This school had a good reputation as being the best baking school in the country. Glenn consulted with several bakers in Hawaii and they all recommended Dunwoody. Glenn wanted the best training he could get. He graduated from the Dunwoody Industrial School with a degree in Baking and returned to Hawaii. Upon his return, Glenn took over the baking operations. The bakery started with humble beginnings by selling baked products made by another bakery but now baked all of its products from "scratch."

Kaneohe Bakery employs approx. 25 employees. Glenn oversees the operations of the bakery while his wife, Darlene, oversees the procurement and Human Resources. 

James was grateful of the support that the people in Kaneohe provided in making Kaneohe Bakery a success. In appreciation, he gave back to the community organizations with fund-raisers of baked products. Kaneohe Bakery also donates baked to charitable organizations such as the Salvation Army. When his children and grandchildren played youth sports such as baseball and soccer, the bakery sponsored teams and provided uniforms.

In 1977, James retired and turned over bakery operations to his son Glenn. He spent his time playing golf until he passed away in 1985. Since May 1953, Kaneohe Bakery has provided service to the Kaneohe community for 60 years. 

We look forward to serving you for many more years!

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